2019-01-31 04:36:39
M.A.D Gallery Opens in Hong Kong

MB&F proudly announces the opening of M.A.D.Gallery in Hong Kong, showcasing wondrous mechanical art devices to mechanical art lovers in the region

M.A.D.Gallery Hong Kong is located at a renowned giant shopping mall - Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui

Following Geneva, Taipei and Dubai, MB&F M.A.D.Gallery recently opens its doors in Hong Kong. A world famous metropolitan, the harbour city is also an international hub for art and watch trading. The opening of M.A.D.Gallery in Hong Kong demonstrates the brand’s enthusiasm in mechanical art while providing mechanical art lovers an accessible and amiable venue to appreciate the tour de force of different artists and exchange their views.

All mechanical art devices in M.A.D.Gallery Hong Kong are functional and ornamental, which are suitable for home or office decoration

M.A.D.Gallery originated from the childhood dream of Maximilian Büsser, Founder of MB&F – a shelter for his favourite mechanical devices all in one place, where he can appreciate and play with them whenever he wants. M.A.D., in addition to the original meaning of the word “Mad”, doubles as an abbreviation for Mechanical Art Devices. M.A.D. represents the “madness” that is imbued in each and every of the spectacular art pieces inside the Gallery. The concept of M.A.D.Gallery has now evolved into a captivating universe of kinetic art where Horological and Legacy Machines by MB&F are situated in an appropriate context together with mechanical art devices created by friends of Maximilian Büsser, discovering kindred spirits in the world of mechanical art.

Maximilian Büsser, Founder of MB&F

Maximilian Büsser, Founder of MB&F, explains the concept behind the Gallery, “We saw the M.A.D.Gallery as the perfect platform to showcase our own machines as well as other pieces of kinetic art by other creators whom we greatly admire. MB&F creates Machines that tell the time, not to tell the time. They are unique examples of mechanical horology but, more than that, they are pieces of three-dimensional kinetic art. The same goes for all the creators featured in the Gallery: their craft transcends a practical purpose and their creations assume the status of artworks. Thanks to M.A.D.Gallery, we are meeting like-minded artists operating in parallel worlds; people who think like us and share our passion for creating mechanical art.”

The first M.A.D.Gallery at Geneva

M.A.D.Gallery at Taipei

M.A.D.Gallery Dubai is also located in a giant shopping mall

The first M.A.D.Gallery opened in 2011 in Geneva, a stone’s throw from MB&F’s office and atelier in the heart of the city’s old town, followed by the second one in Taipei in 2014 and the third one in Dubai in 2016. Two years after the last Gallery, a new M.A.D.Gallery sets feet in Hong Kong. Operated in collaboration with Elegant Watch and Jewellery, MB&F M.A.D.Gallery Hong Kong is located at Shop OT316, Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Kowloon, one of the city’s most convenient shopping hotspots. Designed in concord with the other three galleries, the Hong Kong boutique features a simple and elegant atmosphere in a pleasant environment resulted from the white brick walls in the Gallery, allowing visitors to indulge completely in the world of mechanics. Behind the screen is another secluded area in which visitors can appreciate the mechanical art devices on a comfortable sofa or exchange views with the like-minded. 

The VIP lounge inside M.A.D.Gallery Hong Kong

M.A.D.Gallery Hong Kong currently displays a wide range of mechanical art devices including The Fifth Element, Octopod, Destination Moon, Balthazar, Sherman, Arachnophobia, and Music Machine 2 created by MB&F as well as other art pieces by artists from different parts of the world, including Apesanteur IV by French artist Quentin Carnaille, Fingers MK III by Laikingland, a creative collaboration from the United Kingdom, Machine Lights collection by German sculptor Frank Buchwald, and two art pieces exclusive to M.A.D.Gallery Hong Kong from The Solitude of a Machine collection by Swiss artist Marc Ninghetto. Display items will be updated regularly, please look forward to seeing more intriguing mechanical art devices in M.A.D.Gallery Hong Kong. Mechanical art lovers and those who dare to dream are cordially invited to visit the gallery.